Advanced Task Filter
Your staff and customers can filter tasks either by text search or by custom fields. They can also save the filter for future use and save time for applying frequent filters again and again.

Staff Groups
You can create groups of staff to whom you can assign tasks to just like the individual staff. The groups can be a department of your company, branches of your company, etc. Every staff in the group can manage tasks assigned to the group.

Staff Only Fields
You can create custom fields for task which can be set or viewed by only staff. It is suitable for internal management and provides best service for your users.

Assign Staff Rules
Tired of assigning staff every time task is created? This feature enable you to set rules to match when new task is created. Staff will be assigned when the rules are matched.

Custom Fields
Default task form is not always useful. You may need to get more information from user while creating task. 12+ custom fields types will make it easier to collect information from your task form. You can set conditions to match for custom field for its visibility too.

Email Notifications
You can set countless email notification templates for any event such as New Task, Task Reply, etc with custom text, dynamic text replacement macros, custom recipients, conditions to match, etc. You can add emails that you do not want to receive for notifications on Ignore Emails.

Email Piping
You can set the email address that you use to pipe from and decide which type of emails you want to pipe so task will be automatically created when users email to your support or reply task by replying to email notification without the need to login.

Export Tasks
We allow you to export the tasks in CSV format. It exports all fields available for the task list (even it is not set in the list) but not others like attachments, descriptions, replies, etc. You can export all tasks or apply filter to only export the tasks you need. This feature could be applied for staff or user too.

Guest Tasks
Your visitors can create task without having a user account on your site. This is suitable for the usage of general enquiries, complaints etc.

Login and Registration
You can enable your own login and registration form, WordPress default login and registration method or CRMdesk login and registration form.

Private Credentials
There are some cases when you need some sensitive information with tasks like website access details, FTP access, user credentials, etc so in such cases gathering this sensitive information directly from customers is quite risky in terms of data-stealing. With this feature, you are able to keep user credentials safe and secure as this feature saves data in the form of encryption.

Private Notes
Your staff can insert internal notes for himself or other staff within a task. These notes are not visible to the customer.

In Reports dashboard, you are able to have a quick overview of reports for a time period. The reports include Task Statistics, First Response Time, Categories, Custom Fields with options, etc.

Task Priority and Task Status
There are three priorities by default namely Low, Medium and High. You may add extra priorities and sort the priorities in your own order. The same goes to Task Status where you can add and edit extra status other than the default status.

Want to provide an easy way to calculate the time spent on an individual task? This feature will enable this for you. It will help you to record and track the time spent on each individual task. Also, it helps you in making productivity decisions for your company.

Translation Ready
You can translate this system into any language. We allow you to use multiple languages on the same site.

Unlimited Staff and Roles
You can create Unlimited Staff to divide your workload of replying tasks and create multiple roles in your support system. The Administrator and Staff roles are added by default. You can add other roles like Supervisor, Manager, etc with different capabilities such as task visibility permission, change task fields permission, etc.

Unlimited Tasks
There is no limit to the number of tasks your customer can create.

User Groups
If you are communicating with a group of people or an organisation, this feature is the best fit. You can create unlimited user groups with unlimited members so they can view each other tasks depend on their roles.

Woocommerce Integration
Selling something on your website and need support for the orders? By using our plugin, your customers are able to create and check tasks on their Woocommerce dashboard and your staff is able to track customer orders within the task.