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BluesoundSelect the FollowMe icon in the Player Drawer of the BluOS app and seamlessly transfer music from room to room without having to re-build the play queue.12th Apr 2022
BluesoundFeaturing top performing drivers and all-new amp technologies, the PULSE 2i delivers a powerful and flawless listening experience. Mar 2022
Carlos Jorge Catlos18th Mar 2022
This thing is incredible. Constantly impressed.19th Mar 2022
Jeff Sparky Clowns are well paid and here you are doing it for free.19th Mar 2022
BluesoundThe most complete powered streaming speaker, the PULSE 2i effortlessly fills large spaces with clear high-res sound. Mar 2022
Read reviews6th Mar 2022
BluesoundStream music to any room in rich, hi-res quality with no lag or interruptions with Bluesound. Feb 2022
Do you guys know when Spotify adds HiFi ?25th Feb 2022
I’m happy with my Bluesound system for the most part. Great amp for small bookshelf speakers. But not satisfied with your surround sound implementation. I spent days with tech support trying to integrate the sound bar+ you make into a surround configuration. I gave up and returned it. Also, did not like that I could not use multiple configurations within the same room.25th Feb 2022
Question: If I have a Bluesound Vault 2 in an office, and the mains Sound System is in another room with NO hardwired internet access, can I use a Bluesound Node to wirelessly (on the home network) play content from the Vault, which needs to be hardwired to the Router (in the office)?????25th Feb 2022
Bluesound -> John A. Casler Hi there. We hope that you are enjoying your VAULT. For system optimization please contact our BluOS Support Crew at Cheers.28th Feb 2022
BluesoundOffering four unique listening profiles, including Movie and Late Night, the PULSE SOUNDBAR+ lets you personalize your soundstage for an immersive experience. Feb 2022
Beautiful10th Feb 2022
Made in China?10th Feb 2022
Hardy Bunster unfortunately most of them are10th Feb 2022
Hardy Bunster it’s serious quality construction and sounds phenomenal.10th Feb 2022
Sure love mine along with the pulse sub +.10th Feb 2022
If you want made in USA, you will pay for it.11th Feb 2022
Looks like a lotus on tv11th Feb 2022
Hi. Having issues with sound bar. Sound is muffled via tv. Appreciate advice. Thanks.22nd Feb 2022
Bluesound -> Hello. For technical assistance please contact our BluOS Support Crew at the email address we forwarded to your inbox. Cheers.24th Feb 2022
BluesoundWith its sleek design, epic 3D soundstage, and user-friendly interface, here’s how the PULSE SOUNDBAR+ pushes the limits of home entertainment.2nd Feb 2022
Doug Asp I've got the powernode 2i, I was going to do the same to get surround so thanks for your comment. I might try 2x pulses3rd Feb 2022
This is my next purchase.5th Feb 2022
Nice room5th Feb 2022
Bluesound is awesome. When it works. I’ve been trying to get some customer service but I just keep getting automated responses.5th Feb 2022
Take heed all !!5th Feb 2022
Rob McClelland5th Feb 2022
Love mine, it’s wonderful sound and connects direct to our family Spotify accounts !! Love Love Love it.5th Feb 2022
Rob McClelland5th Feb 2022
That is a Lovely living room6th Feb 2022
Truckers would love them6th Feb 2022
Nice Space6th Feb 2022
Pees Blessed Me That is Love Living Room6th Feb 2022
Beautiful6th Feb 2022
Carlos Jorge Catlos6th Feb 2022
Sorry to be a pain, but when is the USB out capability going into production? I think I’ve been asking for over a year since it was leaked.6th Feb 2022
Bluesound -> Rob McClelland Hi Rob. If you are in need of technical assistance please contact our BluOS Support Crew at Cheers.8th Feb 2022
BluesoundWith the control of the BluOS app, you can enjoy different music in different rooms and play your favourite genre throughout the home in HiFi quality. Jan 2022
BluesoundDesigned to fit seamlessly into small spaces, the PULSE MINI 2i delivers a stunning high-res music streaming experience. Jan 2022
works for a month than dies20th Jan 2022
Amen21st Jan 2022
Simply beautiful.21st Jan 2022
Bluesound -> Emily Byker Hi Emily. If you require technical assistance for your Bluesound Player please contact our BluOS Support Crew at Jan 2022
why should I pay more for the product I have already payed for?26th Jan 2022
Cambridge AudioYou're only allowed to listen to one, which are you choosing? 🤔15th Apr 2022
Bowie15th Apr 2022
The Classics and the BBoys15th Apr 2022
No Beatles under classics, outrageous15th Apr 2022
Classics15th Apr 2022
Bowie15th Apr 2022
Ms Lauryn Hill, tha misseducation.15th Apr 2022
Classics15th Apr 2022
Too limiting ! I may dip into some Congolese Afrobeat or some Scandinavian prog! There’s always new album Apr 2022
Jazz...Duke Pearson...Hank Mobley...Lee Morgan...Tina Brooks...yeah baby 💙🎶15th Apr 2022
non15th Apr 2022
The Classics 🤘🏻😁🤘🏻15th Apr 2022
Just Jimi will do me.15th Apr 2022
Bowie15th Apr 2022
None of them. Stick to making great hifi.15th Apr 2022
The Classics, although Hip Hop Legends a close second.15th Apr 2022
Classics15th Apr 2022
hendrix15th Apr 2022
The classics.15th Apr 2022
None15th Apr 2022
Jazz - from the classics to modern15th Apr 2022
Classics👍🏻15th Apr 2022
If that was my choice I'd switch off the hifi and watch TV15th Apr 2022
Miles Davis and Bartok.15th Apr 2022
Classics15th Apr 2022
Cambridge Audio2022 is already shaping up to be a fantastic year for music. We’ve compiled some of our favourite tracks released so far into a playlist to listen to on repeat. Let us know in the comments what your picks are 🎧 Spotify: Tidal: Apr 2022
Cambridge AudioCambridge Audio’s Mechanical Design Engineer, Ged Martin, spoke with Darko.Audio recently about the design process of Evo, Edge + much more. "From a design point of view, I really think we take everything down to the last detail, and I am really proud to be a part of that." Read the full interview here 👉 Apr 2022
Cambridge AudioThe people at What Hi-Fi? have included no less than four Cambridge Audio products in their list of the Best Stereo Amplifiers 2022 🎉 Edge A: “A stunning flagship integrated amp with an array of musical talents” CXA81: “It's as punchy as anything, with a bold, powerful sound” CXA61: “At this level, there aren't many better hi-fi amplifiers out there” AXA35: “The AXA35 delivers a bold and composed sound that practically overflows with detail” Thank you, What Hi-Fi? 🙏 Explore all of our amplifiers here: www.cambridgeaudio.com5th Apr 2022
I bought some Bose 501 speakers and was very disappointed with them. Then I changed my old Cambridge Azur amp for the CXA61 and the speakers suddenly came to life.5th Apr 2022
Edge A … fantastic clarity…5th Apr 2022
I have the CXA61 which has an amazing detailed sound with tight bass, and clear mids and highs. I also have the CXC, and CXN2, both of which sound superb through the CXA61. For the quality throughout the system (which plays through KEF Q350 speakers) I have nothing but praise (and a smile on my face when listening!)5th Apr 2022
AXA35 - wonderful! I'm very happy with it.5th Apr 2022
La combinaison Cambridge Audio avec des haut-parleurs Paradigm fait très bon ménage.5th Apr 2022
Which is in your opinion the best choice to drive my Neat Acoustic Motive SX2? Now I have a Creek Evolution 50A and a CXNv2 and I would like to evaluate the channge of the ampli5th Apr 2022
Cambridge AXR 85 ❤5th Apr 2022
Cambridge AudioA massive congratulations to Silk Sonic and all the winners at the #GRAMMYs 🏆 What an incredible evening celebrating the world of music 🎵4th Apr 2022
Cambridge AudioToday is #InternationalWomensDay ♀️ A day to celebrate, respect and shout about all the truly fantastic women in our lives, including those who have shaped the music world for generations. We’re inspired every day by the art created by the hundreds of women in music, but there’s a select handful who have made a greater impact than we could have ever imagined. Read our blog to see who we’re saying thanks to this International Women’s Day 🔗 Mar 2022
Cambridge AudioAfter-work mode: On Mar 2022
Cambridge AudioMarch is here and Spring is in the air 🍃 Stick on your favourite radio station, playlist or podcast while you dust off the cobwebs and spruce things up for that fresh feeling 🎵 Mar 2022
CayinDer neue Cayin HA-300MK2 ist der Nachfolger des HA-300. Ein Röhren-Kopfhörerverstärker mit natürlicher und kraftvoll-luftiger Wiedergabe, großer Auswahl an symmetrischen und unsymmetrischen Ausgängen sowie edler Optik! 😍 ___ Online verfügbar unter Apr 2022
CayinIsn't it gorgeous? Cayin's new flagship headphone amplifier HA-300 MK2 has received a lot of compliments during its debut at CanJam Singapore. It is designed with Gold Lion Genalex PX300B x 2 as output tube and Tung-Sol 6SN7GTB x 2 as driver tube, it also has in-house designed and manufactured transformers, premium built quality, and a bunch of high-grade design and features. Cayin HA-300 MK2 Headphone Amplifier will be available this month. Please stay tuned for more information!11th Apr 2022
Gorgeous 🤗11th Apr 2022
Eddie's hifi audio world 居然在這裡遇見E大大,這個也是其中一個小弟在觀望的😂11th Apr 2022
Very beautiful!!12th Apr 2022
CayinOne for day, one for night. It's one and the same Cayin HA-300B Mk. II working for any occasion and any home listening setting. Sparkling at CanJam Global, now doing the same back in black at Zepp. The word 'works' is used loosely. More aptly this 300B Cayin tube flagship amplifier evokes every cliché when it comes to re-hearing your music for the first time and transporting you to the recording location. Nothing is a better introduction to a flagship level of listening as HA300 MKII, beginning with its impressive looks and the way it lives up to every initial expectation that was set. A day and night difference, this is ready to make in Head-Fi.7th Apr 2022
CayinCayin HA-300 Meze Audio Elite AKG K812 K8724th Apr 2022
CayinShanling Audio M30 Cayin HA-300 OOR+HYPSOS Meze Audio Elite AKG K812 K8724th Apr 2022
CayinWe have a very fruitful Day 1 at CanJam Singapore 2022, the HA-300MK2 is the star of our booth. According to our Singapore partner Zeppelin & Co."Many many people returned to try it a third time, it was used right from 11am-6pm by repetitive customers, the amp ran non stop". Come and join us at Booth B7 & B8 (Main Hall, Level 1) at Pan Pacific Singapore, check out the all-new HA-300MK2 SET headphone amplifier, our two portable guru, N8ii DAP and C9 portable headphone amplifier, and the very versatile HA-6A vacuum tube heapdhone amplifier.3rd Apr 2022
CayinToday listening to incredible Cayin CS-1H! #hotashell Cayin3rd Apr 2022
CayinHeadPie published a N8ii reivew that provides a very detail commentray to the ROHM and Nutube implementation of our top-of-the-line DAP. " I would like to call it for being the most Honest digital player that I have owned by far. It could be the ROHM or Cayin, or both, ......" "IMO, the N8ii is the best portable player with Korg implementations yet. Please do not be mislead when people say the N8ii isn’t Tubey enough….... The N8ii Korg tubes is what my desktop amp and Western Electric 300B Sounds like." Please check out the full review to find out why the reviewer stated such bold claims to rave our N8ii. Mar 2022
Gomen Nasai Cayin N8 already was, according to some28th Mar 2022
Dal by som za to život, mam n3 pro n6 mkii C9 RU6 ale na toto nemám peniaze žiaľ normálny robotník si to nemôže dovoliť. 😔😔😔28th Mar 2022
Absolutely awesome amazing DAP31st Mar 2022
Gryphon Audio DesignsFIDELITY AWARD WINNER 2022 The Gryphon Essence Preamplifier and the Gryphon Essence Mono Amplifiers. "This system reveals not only what was recorded, but also why." This off-the-cuff quote from our enthusiastic tester sums up in a few words what sets Gryphon's unique Essence system apart: The combination of Essence preamplifier, which can be optionally expanded with a high-bit DAC as well as a phono board, and the huge Essence monos, each weighing in at 45 kilograms, gives the listener the deepest insights into the music, transports him to the place and time of production, and produces goosebump moments in series. The secret of this extraordinary trio lies on the one hand in the uncompromisingly discrete design of the preamplifier and on the other hand in the consistent exploitation of the class A amplification concept, which brings incomparable flow and smoothness to the reproduction. Thanks to enormous mass and huge transformers, the power amplifiers with their 110 watts into four ohms are - in class A terms - anything but weak-blooded. Once you've heard this combination, you won't soon forget it!" .... Editor Stefan Gawlick, (Award Issue No.61) Apr 2022
Gryphon Audio DesignsHAPPY ANNIVERSARY GRYPHON AUDIO NA INC. Today we are celebrating the 1 year Anniversary of our North American daughter company, The Gryphon Audio NA Inc.👏4th Apr 2022
Happy birthday, a great effort by many 👍5th Apr 2022
Happy birthday GRYPHON AUDIO !7th Apr 2022
Gryphon Audio DesignsAttachment post(s): Gryphon Audio Designs29th Mar 2022
Gryphon Audio DesignsAttachment post(s): Gryphon Audio Designs's cover photo29th Mar 2022
Gryphon Audio DesignsThe Pinnacle of Performance .... The Gryphon APEX Power Amplifier. Mar 2022
N130th Mar 2022
How much?30th Mar 2022
The pinnacle of performance, just like 20 other brands. Machine work cost way more than the electronics and advertising hype, how does the look sound?30th Mar 2022
hm?5th Apr 2022
Monster12th Apr 2022
Gryphon Audio DesignsAXPONA 2022. Gryphon Audio Designs will be exhibiting at this year's AXPONA Audio Show in Chicago from April 22 - 24, 2022. See you there👍. https://gryphon-audio.dk26th Mar 2022
Gryphon Audio DesignsA system beyond your imagination! A huge thanks to Joseph Cali Systems Designs, Gryphon Audio NA Inc., Specialty Sound & Vision for creating such a magnificent system. Also a massive and very humbled thanks to owner Hugh Nunnally for inviting the Gryphon Team to Atlanta and setting up the world’s first Kodo, Apex and Commander system in one of the fines audio rooms on this planet. It’s been an honour to be part of this install🙏🏻.20th Mar 2022
Love the red color!20th Mar 2022
Una copia a génesis one20th Mar 2022
Wow❤👍20th Mar 2022
Cool Stuff 👍💪21st Mar 2022
Gryphon Audio Designs“I was blown away by the performance” …. Senior Editor Tom Lyle, Enjoy the Musiccom. Happy reading and enjoy the weekend🙏🏻♥️.11th Mar 2022
Mark LevinsonSuperior sound reproduction begins with our choice of the most premium aluminum, carbon fiber, and glass. Hear the location of every instrument of an orchestra with pinpoint accuracy.16th Apr 2022
Can this table compete with my Crosley...?17th Apr 2022
Mark LevinsonN°5105 | Mark Levinson 💥 « La platine MARK LEVINSON N° 5105 se place sur un segment plutôt disputé par une concurrence à laquelle elle devra inévitablement faire face. Saine dans sa conception d’ensemble, cette platine réserve d’excellentes surprises musicales, sous réserve de lui associer des cellules adaptées. Toutes les cellules ne lui conviendront pas; l’Ortofon Quintet Black S en fait partie. » Audiophile Fr Consultez l'article complet ici 👉👉 Apr 2022
Mark LevinsonTake charge of your life with reference-quality sound. After a quick 15-minute charge, our № 5909 headphone is prepared for up to 6 hours of playtime on the go.13th Apr 2022
Mark Levinson📒 Kυκλοφόρησε στα περίπτερα το νέο δέκατο τρίτο τεύχος Απριλίου – Μαΐου 2022, του YELLOWBOX! Όπως πάντα έχουμε μοναδική θεματολογία με reviews συσκευών ήχου και εικόνας, ενδεικτικά αναφέρουμε τις παρουσιάσεις των 🔈 ηχείων βάσης/ ραφιού Elipson Prestige Facet 6B, του ολοκληρωμένου ενισχυτή Technics SU-C700, του πικάπ 📀 DUAL CS429, των ακουστικών 🎧 Mark Levinson No 5909 και του Melco N100 Music Server 👉 Σε αυτό το τεύχος εν αναμονή της κυκλοφορίας του πρώτου ολοκληρωμένου άλμπουμ της “YENNA” (γέννα), η Βάσια Παρασκευοπούλου μίλησε με τη Μαρίνα Σάττι για το mix της δικής της ζωής, αλλά και για τα στάδια της προσωπικής της δημιουργικής γέννας. 📖 Ακόμα θα διαβάσετε παρουσιάσεις νέων κυκλοφοριών 💿 δίσκων βινυλίου και μουσικών CD’s, το πρώτο μέρος του Οδηγού απόκτησης Βινυλίων από τον Τάσο Συρίγο, πολύ ενδιαφέρουσες συνεντεύξεις των Θανάση Βασιλόπουλου και Σωκράτη Σινόπουλου, αφιερώματα για τις καταπληκτικές κυκλοφορίες των MPS Records και Venus Records και φυσικά παρουσιάσεις τίτλων βιβλίων που αξίζει να διαβάσετε. 🟨 Το περιοδικό YELLOWBOX μέσα από τον νέο μουσικό διαγωνισμό του δίνει την ευκαιρία σε τέσσερις αναγνώστες να κερδίσουν βινύλια, CD’s και Box Sets!!! Αγοράζετε το τεύχος, βρίσκετε τον μοναδικό κωδικό στις σελίδες του και τον συμπληρώνετε στην ηλεκτρονική διεύθυνση του διαγωνισμού στο site μας 🖥 Επίσης σε όλο το τιράζ του περιοδικού θα βρείτε σε διάφορα χρώματα τα ειδικά πανάκια καθαρισμού 🟩 με μικροΐνες της Simply Analog ως μία πρώτη γνωριμία με τα προϊόντα της. 👉 Περισσότερες πληροφορίες στη σελίδα του YELLOWBOX: #yellowboxgr #magazines #musicmagazine #audio #hifi #hifiaudio #music #highend #audiophile #technics #dualelectronics #elipson #marklevinson #melcoaudio #venusrecords #mpsrecords #marinasatti #simplyanalog Marina Satti, Vasia Paraskevopoulou, Tassos Syrigos, Thanassis Vassilopoulos Θανάσης Βασιλόπουλος, Sokratis Sinopoulos, Technics, Mark Levinson, Melco Audio, Elipson, Dual Electronics Corporation12th Apr 2022
Mark LevinsonThank you NBC Chicago, Art Norman and Charlie Wojciechowski for including AXPONA in Tech Trends. Besflores Nievera Jr. from Music Direct did a fantastic job offering a preview of what's to come at #axpona2022 including the Mark Levinson Headphones available at Harman Luxury Audio Group, Rooms 502 and 504. #axpona #axpona2022 #techtrends #musicdirect #harmanluxuryaudio12th Apr 2022
Mark LevinsonReady to achieve reference-quality audio? Good. Hit the road.10th Apr 2022
Mark LevinsonThe № 5909 headphone allows you to focus on sound without distraction—even in Rush Hour traffic.9th Apr 2022
Mark LevinsonAnd just like that…the hidden details in your music instantly bring life to your living room.7th Apr 2022
JBL DD67000 speakers and Levinson components on demo at AudioClassics8th Apr 2022
After purchasing 3 potted plants, Karen was unable to afford a second coat of paint for the walls. As she sat back on the sofa, she wondered where the ceiling had gone. Surely there had been 2 upstairs bedrooms before Mark installed his stereo?10th Apr 2022
McIntosh Laboratory Inc.// McIntosh Laboratory Inc. & Sonus faber à Ibiza 🏝 Dans la baie la plus préservée d’Ibiza se tient le Six Senses, premier hôtel durable des Baléares. C’est dans ce cadre somptueux que l’hôtel a choisi de poser ses valises, et travailler main dans la main avec McIntosh et Sonus Faber pour créer une série d’expériences auditives totalement inégalée à Ibiza, île qui a longtemps été un lieu d’évasion et de création pour les meilleurs interprètes du monde et les passionnés de musique. Ainsi plusieurs lieux de l’hôtel : la réception, la Cave Royale, la Cave Suite 906 et la Live Cave, sont équipés d'une gamme impressionnante d’électroniques McIntosh et d’enceintes Sonus faber. Ces auditoriums sont un régal pour les yeux et les oreilles. La cave royale, le bar audiophile de l’hôtel est équipé d’enceintes Sonus Faber II Cremonese, d’un préamplificateur McIntosh C53, d’un amplificateur de puissance MC462, d’une platine vinyle MT10 accompagnée du MP1100, préampli phono le plus haut de gamme et complet de la marque américaine. La Cave Suite 906, une grotte avec vue sur la mer est équipée d’enceintes Sonetto VIII et d’un amplificateur intégré McIntosh MA8900. La réception, hall central de l’hôtel est équipé d’enceintes Sonus Faber Amati Tradition, d’un amplificateur intégré McIntosh MA8900 ainsi qu’une platine vinyle MT5. Enfin, le dernier lieu, la Live Cave, accueille des spectacles, des concerts, des événements et des sessions d'artistes émergents, ainsi qu'une vaste collection de vinyles. Cet espace s’ouvre sur une vue panoramique de la baie de Xarraca. L’équipement McIntosh y retrouvera ses racines de matériel professionnel pour festivals, toujours marié à des enceintes Sonus Faber. Les enceintes et électroniques des deux marques sont choisies pour s'adapter à chaque événement. La plupart des équipements sont disponibles à l'écoute dans nos magasins de Bordeaux et Vendée, alors n'attendez plus pour venir les découvrir 🙃 —— Club Hifi, architecte du son depuis 1979. Une seule oreille, la vôtre ! 🏠 77 avenue de la République, 33200 Bordeaux 📞 05 56 48 06 70 🏠 16 Rue de Nantes, 85300 Challans 📞 02 53 65 03 69 📧 💻 —— #clubhifi #hifishop #since1979 #clubhifibordeaux #clubhifivendee #uneseuleoreillelavotre #musiclovers #sonuslover #mcintosh #sixsense #ibiza #hifiporn #luxury #woodspeakers #blueeyes #soundanddesign #audiophile #instaaudio #instahifi #hifigram #bordeauxmaville15th Apr 2022
McIntosh Laboratory Inc.We received our McIntosh Laboratory Inc. MA9500 Integrated Amplifier! Check out the unboxing 😍🔥 Learn more about the MA95000 on our website: Apr 2022
McIntosh Laboratory Inc.🔥🔥Amoureux de la Hi-Fi, on vous donne rendez-vous jeudi 21 avril à partir de 16h suivi d’une nocturne🥂 pour un atelier découverte au magasin Montpellier! Les amplificateurs McIntosh Laboratory Inc. seront mis à l’honneur, en présence de la marque.💥💥 Venez nombreux!12th Apr 2022
McIntosh Laboratory Inc.Another new addition to our extensive McIntosh Laboratory Inc. range in store. We now have the MA352 integrated hybrid amplifier on demonstration.12th Apr 2022
McIntosh Laboratory Inc.The McIntosh Laboratory Inc. RS150 Wireless Speaker is a great way to introduce yourself or your friends and family to McIntosh’s legendary sound quality! It is elegant and somehow compact, but it still delivers a larger-than-life home audio sound performance! Easy-to-use and easy-to-love! Buy now at SKY by Gramophone with free shipping and fast delivery: Watch a full review on our YouTube Channel: #GramophoneMD #SKYbyGramophone #McIntosh #McIntoshLabs #MadeInAmerica #LuxuryAudio #LegendaryPerformance #HiFiAudio #HifiCommunity #AudiophileCommunity #HiEnd #LoudSpeakers #HiFi #HighEndAudio #Audiophile #Stereophile #MusicLover #Elite #Music #HiFidelity #LuxuryAudio #Speakers #WirelessSpeakers11th Apr 2022
McIntosh Laboratory Inc.⁣⁣𝐑𝐄𝐅𝐄𝐑𝐄𝐍𝐂𝐄 𝐀𝐔𝐃𝐈𝐎 𝐀𝐏𝐏𝐎𝐈𝐍𝐓𝐄𝐃 𝐀𝐒 𝐏𝐑𝐄𝐌𝐈𝐄𝐑 𝐔𝐊 𝐃𝐄𝐀𝐋𝐄𝐑⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ German Physiks HRS-130 loudspeakers in the showroom of our new premier dealer ReferenceAudio in Witham, Essex. They are on demonstration with the German Physiks Emperor integrated amplifier, which you can see on the stand just to the right of the centre of the picture. Either side of the Emperor integrated amplifier is a pair of McIntosh Laboratory Inc. MC901 mono amplifiers, so we are keeping good company here. . Visit the Reference Audio web site: Visit the Emperor integrated amplifier web page: Visit the HRS-130 web page: . #audio #audiophile #audiophilecommunity #audiophiles #audioporn #cdplayer #audiosystem #hiendaudio #hifi #hifiaudio #hifinews #hifishop #hifiporn #hifisound #highendaudio #highendaudioequipment #highendhifi #highendspeakers #home #homeaudio #instahifi #loudspeaker #loudspeakers #luxuryaudio #music #stereo #stereophile #surroundsound #tubeamplifiers #mcintoshlabs9th Apr 2022
McIntosh Laboratory Inc.Today's first delivery and it's a belter! A rare beast! We have received two (one sold) of the ultra RARE MoFi Electronics Fender Precision Deck - ONLY 1000 of these will ever be made! Act quickly to secure it before it sells out! Also received the brand new McIntosh Laboratory Inc. RS150 wireless speaker, a wonderful all in one speaker system that has the signature McIntosh sound and style A pair of Sonus faber Lumina V speakers pre-sold for a customer. These wonderful speakers are adding to the customer's collection, he already has the Lumina II in a second system, safe to say he like us is a big fan of this Italian brand! As the regions, ONLY stockists of these three brands pop down and take a closer look or give us a call on 01159758613 #Mofi #deliveryday #fender #McIntosh #newlines #limitededition #bequick #ordertoday #regionsonlystockist #sonusfaber #delivery #excited #WOW #nottingham #nottinghamhificentre #hifi #music #speakers #allinone #streaming #turntable #vinyl8th Apr 2022
McIntosh Laboratory Inc.Music has the astounding ability to reawaken moments buried deep in our memory. A series of simple notes, strung together in just the right way can transcend years and turn back time like few other things. You can do exactly that with the McIntosh MX1375 Reference Entertainment System available in the Grand Wagoneer. #McIntosh #BlueMeters #MX13758th Apr 2022
I wonder how much a McIntosh stereo system would cost for my car!8th Apr 2022
NAD ElectronicsCombining a sophisticated music streamer and powerful 100-watt-per-channel amplifier in one super-stylish component, the NAD Electronics M10 V2 BluOS Streaming Amplifier is made for the way people listen to music today. #take5audio #nad #nadm10 #nadelectronics #hifi #audiophile14th Apr 2022
NAD ElectronicsJoin us next weekend at AXPONA Audio Expo North America and learn about the MQA content creation process for recorded and live music, and why mastering engineers work with MQA tools within the recording and mastering process. Learn more here: Apr 2022
MQA is a scam. Its sad to see NAD as a really good brand involve with this scam.15th Apr 2022
NAD ElectronicsLooking to expand your vinyl collection? Here’s a few simple tips & tricks on how to take the best care of your records.14th Apr 2022
NAD ElectronicsSeit Jahren ein Inbegriff für #studentenhifi : NAD Electronics & Acoustic Energy Erhältlich bei den besten Hifihändlern der Welt. #acousticenergy #hifi #homeaudio #lautsprecher #kompaktlautsprecher #nad #nadhifi #nadaudio #budgethifi #budgetaudiophile #britishhifi #bestofbritishhifi8th Apr 2022
NAD ElectronicsnoneBuenos días … Como amplificador tengo un Nad M10 y como reproductor de cd, un ARCAM CDS50. La duda que tengo es que si me compro un cd (MQA) mi amplificador lo va a decodificar por completo al disco MQA? Muchas gracias a todos8th Apr 2022
NAD ElectronicsDelivering on all fronts with its superb musicality and highly advanced components, the C 700 is a modern take on NAD’s longstanding tradition of offering state-of-the-art amplification.7th Apr 2022
Can it light up my pair of Apple HomePods?8th Apr 2022
Michael This???8th Apr 2022
We’re an NAD Dealer and I can’t wait to get my hands on this to test out! I’m using a PowerNode 2 now. The PowerNode doesn’t have the “Look” nor the Display the C700 has… Speaking of the Display, it would be nice if it showed the Bitrate each stream is playing…8th Apr 2022
I can t afford you… yet..8th Apr 2022
I have finally seen the light And I have finally realized What you mean8th Apr 2022
I think it is different8th Apr 2022
Is there an amp built for surround system like a 5.1 or 7.1 with more than 200 RMS?9th Apr 2022
Way overpriced but still very nice !9th Apr 2022
Christopher Duval I'd think there is a display toggle. Even my older LCD displays have that option.9th Apr 2022
Brandon It shows the current Bitrate of the material being played?9th Apr 2022
Christopher Duval my AVR does. It's a NAD T758v3. It's not a full color display but I can set the row to show stream data. For example if I am steaming MQA from Tidal it may display something like 24bit/96Khz. I'm guessing this awesome C700 will have such an option.9th Apr 2022
Brandon Fitzgerald have you tried Deezer Hi-Fi? It sounds way better than Tidal.11th Apr 2022
NAD Electronics“A genuine one-box hi-fi solution, NAD’s C 700 bundles wired and wireless connectivity, slick app-based operation and punchy amplification into a pleasingly small enclosure.” — Hi-Fi News5th Apr 2022
Good choice!5th Apr 2022
Jakob Lakatos Kjær Sørensen look! There’s a volume knob! It’s A Perfect Circle 😉6th Apr 2022
Good , but ... miniDSP SHD better. BlueOS not perfect as well-known Squeezebox, for example. And Roon via Squeezelite much better , than direct via roon endpoint6th Apr 2022
Great album btw6th Apr 2022
Love mine6th Apr 2022
Gramophone 2010 Urs Graf -> 6th Apr 2022
Love mine,it has some 🏀🥎🏈🏐🏉, easily pushes my ML ESL’s.6th Apr 2022
Does it have chromecast or airplay connectivity?6th Apr 2022
David Varry Devarrewaere AirPlay6th Apr 2022
NAD ElectronicsToday and every day we celebrate the achievements of women in music and their continuing contributions. Which artist is your favourite?9th Mar 2022
PS AudioIf your speakers are full range and with plenty of bass, does it make sense to add a subwoofer? Apr 2022
PS AudioOctave Records gets a new mixing desk to experiment with and Paul walks us through it. Apr 2022
PS AudioIn the recording industry, there are reference standard loudspeakers. Why does Octave Records shy away from them? Apr 2022
PS AudioIf you hear yourself walking on the floor when playing a vinyl record, what's the cure? Apr 2022
PS AudioAt what point in a product's lifespan is it necessary to replace aging caps? Apr 2022
PS AudioΠάνω από πέντε χρόνια ανάπτυξης χρειάστηκαν για να ετοιμαστούν τα ηχεία της PS Audio Projecting & Sounding ART7th Apr 2022
PS AudioIf a wired Ethernet cable is not available, is it alright to instead stream music over WiFi? Apr 2022
PS AudioDSD is state-of-the-art when it comes to recording. But how does it match up and mix with electronically generated music? Apr 2022
QuadQUAD’s flagship ribbon Z-Series loudspeaker range has a robust ribbon tweeter developed around a unique sandwich formation. This exceptionally robust, high-power loud speaker series has been engineered, yet with the delicate sound conventional ribbon speakers are known for. The Z-Series is housed beautifully curved piano lacquered cabinets, available in black, white and rosewood. #quad #quadhifi #britishhifi #hifi #originalsound #audio #audiophile #zseries #speakers #stereo15th Apr 2022
Light Sound Vision -> The stunning Z 3 is on demo at Light Sound Vision.15th Apr 2022
It just means that the Z series is being phased out as they have run out of robust tweeters.15th Apr 2022
Love the piano black version.15th Apr 2022
Quad -> Andrew Wenn not quite. Plenty of tweeters to go round 😜 🍻15th Apr 2022
Quad -> Stephen Snowdon it’s what we call the special edition for a bank holiday 🤫15th Apr 2022
Quad Understood. Very happy with my Quad S5s, ESL57s, 33/303/FM3 kit anyway.15th Apr 2022
I first had the Quad S2, then the Z2 and finally upgraded to the Wharfedale Elysian 2 (all from same mother company IAG) All absolutely great speakers in their price class.15th Apr 2022
I love my Z4s. Great speakers.16th Apr 2022
How good is this speaker for only stereo music 🎶16th Apr 2022
QuadThe QUAD ESL was the world’s first full range, ultra-low distortion electrostatic loudspeaker and set standards for accuracy and fidelity in loudspeakers that remain unsurpassed to this day. 📷 @hifigear #quad #quadhifi #britishhifi #hifi #originalsound #audio #audiophile #esl #quadesl12th Apr 2022
QuadnoneI have a problem with the QUAD 34 preamp that may have happened to you too. I have connected a Yamaha tuner to the RADIO output, but when I turn it on, the volume at only one notch is already very loud, too much. Is it possible to do something without going crazy, besides using another output? Thanks and good music.9th Apr 2022
QuadThe ERA-1 is unlike most mass-produced headphones on the market. Quad ERA-1’s cutting-edge planar magnetic technology delivers a more natural and accurate sound, ensuring you hear every nuance of a recorded musical performance. #quad #quadhifi #britishhifi #hifi #originalsound #audio #audiophile #heaphones #quadera18th Apr 2022
Frank Nicholson mee too 😉8th Apr 2022
In store and on demo in Light Sound Vision .8th Apr 2022
Zeppelin & Co. -> Every word is true 💪10th Apr 2022
QuadMuch effort has gone into the physical layout of the Artera Solus Play’s circuitry, with independent low-noise power supplies feeding all critical stages to keep interference to a minimum. The result is a performance on par with much more expensive multi-component hi-fi systems – detailed, natural, expansive and dynamic – in line with Quad’s continuing quest to deliver “the closest approach to the original sound”. #quad #quadhifi #britishhifi #hifi #originalsound #audio #audiophile #amplifiers #speakers #stereo #dtsplayfi #arterasolusplay5th Apr 2022
My Artera Play/ Artera Stereo are the dogs dangly bits😁6th Apr 2022
QuadThe Vena II Play's small footprint (compared to many amps in its class) allows flexible positioning and ensures the amp slips tidily into a range of environments. #quad #quadhifi #britishhifi #hifi #originalsound #audio #audiophile #speakers #stereo3rd Apr 2022
QuadThe Artera Solus combines the qualities that made QUAD one of Britain’s most revered hi-fi marques for many decades, with fresh industrial design and the very latest high-performance audio technologies. #quad #quadhifi #britishhifi #hifi #originalsound #audio #audiophile #amplifiers #speakers #stereo #dtsplayfi #arterasolusplay30th Mar 2022
Love my Artera Play/Stereo combination. Even better with my Gyrodec and TwentyfourP for vinyl. All glorious sounds spilling out of Quad Z1 loudspeakers.😊31st Mar 2022
You're Nobody without a QUAD.31st Mar 2022
Quad‘The Closest Approach To The Original Sound’. Quad S Series loudspeakers fulfil that objective, admirably. #quad #quadhifi #britishhifi #hifi #originalsound #audio #audiophile #amplifiers #speakers #stereo #sseries #hifiworld8th Mar 2022
S5 are outstanding8th Mar 2022
T+A elektroakustikLiebe T+A Freunde, wir wünschen Ihnen und Ihren Familien frohe Osterfeiertage. Vom 15. April bis zum 18. April bleibt das Unternehmen wegen der Osterfeiertage geschlossen, ab dem 19. April nehmen wir den Betrieb wieder auf. Mit Ostergrüßen aus Herford Ihr T+A Team14th Apr 2022
Buona Pasqua!14th Apr 2022
gracias...14th Apr 2022
T+A elektroakustikAttachment post(s): The perfect audio setup is a thing of beauty. It brings the room to life, immersing you in a fantasy world of sounds and sensations. It’s a slice of high-end luxury in your own home. The equipment showcased here are T+A elektroakustik’s HV series, together with the CWT1000-40 Limited Edition Speakers. #T+A elektroakustik #claritysuperlativeaudio12th Apr 2022
T+A elektroakustikAttachment post(s): BTS of the BTS🎥🚀 @soundstagenetwork 🎥 @skywardkick @ta_hifi12th Apr 2022
T+A elektroakustikR-Series I Criterion TCD 410: Music is not to hear, it is to feel. Mehr zu unseren Produkten finden Sie unter: Apr 2022
T+A elektroakustik -> Vielen Dank Herr Farache, darüber freuen wir uns sehr! Herzliche Grüße aus Herford Ihr T+A Team13th Apr 2022
T+A elektroakustikAttachment post(s): A quick heads up that there is an absolute corker of a review of the T+A elektroakustik DAC 200 and A 200 in this month's HiFi News magazine, available in all good newsagents now.11th Apr 2022
T+A elektroakustikAttachment post(s): Die T+A elektroakustik Cala CDR ist eine kompakte High-End Anlage. Dank den vielseitigen Möglichkeiten kannst du mit der Cala CDR jede Musikquelle in ausgezechneter Klangqualität geniessen. Bediene die Cala CDR ganz klassisch über die Fernbedienung oder nutze die T+A App. Komm vorbei, gerne zeigen wir dir die Cala CDR. #seeholzerhifi #audio #hifi #hifiaudio #audiohifi #audiophile #sound #soundquality #highres #hifiaudio #highend #stereo #stereophile #audiosystem #musik #klang #hifidelity #hifisound #consumerelectronics #premiumreseller #soundquality #lifestyle #instahifi #allinone11th Apr 2022
Tolle, kompakte Geräte (y).....T + A <3 (y) .....lieben Gruß nach Herford .11th Apr 2022
T+A elektroakustik -> Hallo Herr Wenning, vielen lieben Dank für Ihre herzlichen Worte und Ihre Wertschätzung! Wir wünschen Ihnen einen schönen Tag und liebe Grüße Ihr T+A Team12th Apr 2022
T+A elektroakustik Herzlichen Dank , das wünsche ich euch auch (y)12th Apr 2022
Einfach Geil!👍14th Apr 2022
T+A elektroakustikTalis TLS 20 I throwback: Die Talis TLS 20 ist die kleinste Standbox der Familie. Unglaublich schmal und zierlich, aber dennoch ein vollwertiger HiFi- oder SurroundLautsprecher. Aus 11 cm Breite, 11 cm Tiefe und 95 cm Höhe wird ein wirklich fulminantes Klangbild geholt. Drei aufwändig konstruierte TiefMittelton-Chassis mit extrem langer Schwingspule, hochfesten Aluminiummembranen und starken Magneten erzeugen ein beeindruckendes Bassfundament und sind in der Lage, selbst hohe Pegel sauber und präzise zu übertragen. Zwei dieser überragenden Chassis sind als Tief-Mitteltöner in D’Apolito-Anordnung um den neuen Rinstrahler herum platziert, und das untere arbeitet als reiner Tieftöner. Diese Bestückung ist der Grund für die hervorragenden Abbildungseigenschaften, die hohe Dynamik, das perfekte Impulsverhalten und den natürlichen und lebendigen Charakter dieser Zauberbox.8th Apr 2022
T+A elektroakustikCaruso R I Multi Source Receiver I Review: "Die Gegensätze friedlich vereint: CD trifft Streamer, Bluetooth wie HiRes, kräftiger Verstärker und Touchscreen. T+As Meisterwerk ersetzt im Designkleid einen kompletten High-End-Turm." - Andreas Günther 07/21 Stereoplay - Mehr erfahren: Apr 2022
exaSoundexaSound presented for the first time in Canada at the Montreal Audio Fest our top of the line stereo model s82 Streaming DAC in collaboration with Gershman Acoustics, Krell and Cardas. The combination of all the excellent system components produced extraordinary good result. Rick Becker from Enjoy the Music appreciated the excellent sound and gave it the Best of Montreal 2022 Award – Thank you! "The resolution was incredibly high, yet incredibly smooth, letting the music just flow naturally without any irritation. Another key factor this time may have been the setup in the room. The music was presented at a scale that was appropriate for the size of the room. The band America, singing "A Horse With No Name" filled the width of the room with music as if they were playing right in front of us — full size…” "15th Apr 2022
exaSoundexaSound presents for the first time in Canada at Salon Audio Montréal / Audio Fest our NEW s82 DSD512 Stereo Streaming DAC Roon Ready TIDAL Connect MQA Effortless streaming of #HiRez music high power headphone amplifier and ultimate resolution volume control, exceptional sonic fidelity #roonready #tidalconnect #MQA #roon #music #nowplaying #hifireview #hifinews #digitalaudio #streamingmusic #hiresaudio27th Mar 2022
exaSoundnoneAttachment post(s): 27th Mar 2022
exaSoundexaSound presents at Salon Audio Montréal / Audio Fest e62 DAC Featuring #DSD512 and #MQA support Delivering exceptional fidelity and World recognized sonic purity ES9028PRO DAC chip, with a truly balanced design, reference grade headphone amplifier and ultimate resolution volume control, the e62 is designed and hand-crafted in Canada #salonaudiomontreal #montrelaudiofest #audiophile #audio27th Mar 2022
exaSoundexaSound presents at Salon Audio Montréal / Audio Fest s88 MARK II Streaming DAC Stereophile Recommended Class A+ Digital Processor «8-channels DSD256 »« Stereo DSD512» Reference-grade 32-bit Digital-to-Analog Converter, Roon-Ready Streamer & Headphone Amplifier in stylish full-size mono-block enclosure Ergonomic Simplicity and Sonic Perfection #montrealaudiofest26th Mar 2022
exaSoundSalon Audio Montréal / Audio Fest , Gershman Acoustics, Krell, Cardas #monrealaudiofest ST-LAURENT-8 #salonaudiomontreal Beautiful Sound <<>> Beautiful System26th Mar 2022, Gershman Acoustics, Krell, Cardas #monrealaudiofest March 25 - 27, 2022 Hôtel Bonaventure ST-LAURENT-8 Hearing is worth a thousand words! s82 Stereo DSD 512 Streaming DAC s88 8-Channel Streaming DAC e62 DAC Delta Music Server Sigma Streamer25th Mar 2022
exaSoundexaSound S88 DAC is recognized as Class A+ Stereophile Recommended Component 2022 - Digital Processors "The exaSound s88 streaming DAC performs its tasks superbly; in fact, it exceeds the performance of any DAC that I have used. I would describe its sound as transparent rather than detailed, dynamically responsive rather than lively, and honest in how it presents voices. " exaSound s88 Multichannel D/A Converter by Kalman Rubinson - Stereophile Vol.44 No.4, April 202124th Mar 2022
iFi audioLooking for the perfect 5V power cable for your iDefender+? Who doesn't love a good bundle 🤷🏻‍♂️👇🏼 Apr 2022
iFi audio🚨Warning🚨: Don't use your portable iFi device in public - You will break out in dancing and we won't be held accountable for any embarrassing moves 👀 #audiophile #prosound #hifisystem #portableaudio #iFiAudio #musiclover #pureperformance #homeaudio16th Apr 2022
iFi audioThursdays made even better with this combo! 🕺🏻 📸 - @dansando on Twitter #portableaudio #prosound #iFiAudio #audiophile #musiclover #pureperformance14th Apr 2022
iFi audioCheck out our audiophile grade OTG cables! Would you expect anything less? 😏 #audiophile #prosound #hifisystem #portableaudio #iFiAudio #musiclover #pureperformance #homeaudio13th Apr 2022
Problem is noise it lacks a ferrite kernal13th Apr 2022
Nothing for us iPhone lightning users? And no thanks for an adapter between!13th Apr 2022
Wish Type-c to c to be sold separately.14th Apr 2022
iFi audioWe still can't get over CanJam Singapore 2022 CanJam Global Head-Fi ! 🤩 Check out these awesome pictures taken by Stereo Electronics 🙌🏼 #canjamsingapore2022 #canjamsingapore #canjam2022 #panpacificsingapore #iFiAudio #prosound #audiophile #pureperformance11th Apr 2022
Zeppelin & Co. -> Always welcome back 🥳11th Apr 2022
Where is diablo ? ❤️😍🤣🤣🤣11th Apr 2022
My zen dac continues popping i don't know what to do, i have formatted my pc tried everything but still popping.11th Apr 2022
iFi audio -> Zeppelin & Co. We definitely will be🙌🏼🤩12th Apr 2022
iFi audio -> Sandro Grassi Hi Sandro, thank you for reaching out. Please can you raise a support ticket here and our support team will be happy to help you with your query: https://support.ifi-audio.com12th Apr 2022
iFi audiononeHi I am using a zen blue through its digital outputs I am getting a clicking sound when musmic is paused , have tried using digital coax and optical connections, there is no clicking when using anologe rca connections11th Apr 2022
iFi audio🚨Competition!🚨 As a thank you to our loyal customers, we're giving you the chance to win a SupaNova cable worth £349! The SupaNova is a multi-faceted active power cable that eradicates noise from dirty mains power and adds clarity to your favourite sounds. All you have to do is: 🔸 Like & share this post 🔸 Comment a picture of your iFi set up 🔸 Make sure you're following us! The winner will be announced 22/04/2022! Good luck! #competiton #homeaudio #prosound #iFiAudio #audiophile #musiclover #pureperformance8th Apr 2022
photo9th Apr 2022
Next week, it's my birthday. 😉😉9th Apr 2022
Wismilak 😁9th Apr 2022
iFi audio -> Vincent Leymonie Hey Vincent, check your DM's for a birthday gift from us! 🥳😏11th Apr 2022
Just nice15th Apr 2022
I LOVE my ifi Stack!15th Apr 2022
Tube upgrade...15th Apr 2022
My humble setup, nothing much here to look at haha16th Apr 2022
powerful twins on my hand17th Apr 2022
iFi audioCheck out the first iFi Development Team Update here 👇🏼 Apr 2022
Zeppelin & Co. -> As always, excellent support and transparency for existing products by iFi audio 💪8th Apr 2022
That’s why I settled for zen blue v2…….zero problems with great sound!!8th Apr 2022
Denny See I have the Blue v2 too, wonderful piece of equipment! But a proper streamer is definitively better.8th Apr 2022
still no chromecast?11th Apr 2022